All Alumni Reunion

Plans are being made for the All Alumni Reunion to be held next summer.  While we don’t have costs finalized yet, we do have a basic schedule in place.  We will let you know when we have more information.

Friday, July 15, 2016

  • Appetizers, Music & Dancing

Saturday, July 16, 2016

  • Open House at the School
  • Mass of Remembrance
  • Dinner & Entertainment

Sunday, July 17, 2016

  • 9 Hole Golf Scramble & Dinner


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We Love Our Volunteers!


Our volunteers are the best!  Last week we noticed Bob Ahlborg (Class of 1966) spreading straw under all the windows on the Baxter Avenue side of the school.  Bob is the chair of the Building and Grounds committee and has been instrumental in the School Exterior Project.  The straw will help prevent dirt from splashing up onto the side of the building and keep it looking nice.

We plan to re-landscape the front of the building next summer.

A special thanks to Bob for all of his work this summer and to Dan’s Feed Bin for donating the straw.

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Q&A on the New Windows

Many people have been asking great questions about the windows.

2015-07-16 10.23.18

Cathedral School Alumni, Adam Myers – Class of 2002, works on the masonry above a window.

2015-07-16 13.10.26

Q:  Do the windows open?

A:  Yes, they do!  The windows swing outward and will give more air flow than the school previously had.  The windows will all have screens with a hatch to allow teachers to open the windows.

Q:  What about the little windows on the alley side of the school?

A:  The glass block has already been removed from those windows and new windows will be installed.  This will allow much more light and airflow into these rooms.

Q:  The little cross shaped window that faces Belknap, what about that?

A:  A window had to be specially made to fit this area.

Q:  With all the new windows, will it be too bright in the classroom for movies or SMARTboard use?

A:   New roller blinds will be installed that will help control the light.

We’d like to know, what other questions do you have about the new windows?

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Alley Side of the School

Now that all the windows have been removed on the alley side of the school, SGI can begin installing the windows.  SGI would like to install windows at the rate of 2 full sets per day.

2015-07-13 15.13.25

As you can just see in the far left of the photo, they started installing the windows on the 3rd floor that overlook the gym.  These are currently the Industrial Arts and Music classrooms.  SGI would like to install windows at the rate of 2 full sets per day.

Meanwhile, the masons continue work on the Baxter Ave. side of the building and Four Star Construction hangs drywall inside the classrooms.

2015-07-13 15.15.54

Just a few windows remain to be installed on the Baxter Ave. side of the building.

Please continue to pray for a safe and successful construction season.

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2015-06-18 11.10.38

SGI has begun installing the windows this week.  They are able to install one classroom of windows each day.  This work will continue now for several weeks, so watch how the building slowly begins to transform.

2015-06-18 12.48.51

As you can see, the windows let in a lot of light and allow for a beautiful view of the Cathedral on the East side of the building.

Column covers that match the window framing will go in and roller blinds are being ordered.  The area below the high clerestory windows will be sheetrocked.  This allows the teachers to use this space to display artwork or use as teaching space.

2015-06-18 13.14.38

You can see that what was once uninsulated glass block is now insulated.  A waterproof barrier has been painted on the outside.  Our goal: to keep the water out and the heat in – with lots and lots of light for our students!

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Tuck Pointing

Bedrock Flint is working on both the front and the back of the school building this week.  We noticed that they were using two different techniques and so we asked some questions about just what was happening.

2015-06-11 12.51.27

The first technique is grinding the old mortar.  This is used in areas where the bricks are still good, but the mortar is failing.  Approximately 15% of our building will be tuck pointed with some areas receiving 100% tuck pointing.

2015-06-02 12.18.46

The second technique is cutting away bricks.  This is used when the bricks are cracked.  Bedrock Flint will match and replace the bricks.  In this particular spot, a control joint will be added in order to help the building move as the temperature shifts.

Cutting the control joints requires scheduling of work between ACCT, our asbestos abatement team, and Bedrock Flint.  ACCT removes the asbestos containing grout before Bedrock Flint can come in and work on those areas.

Watch the front of the building next week as the first window will go in on Monday!

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Wall Panels

2015-06-09 11.11.40

Any given day at the school is a construction enthusiast’s dream!

Yesterday we had 3 lifts on the front of the school doing 3 different jobs.  While the far lift was working on abating the asbestos in the caulking around the windows, the middle lift was framing for the new windows and installing flashing at the base of the windows.  Meanwhile, the closest lift was working on applying the new wall panel system.  And that was just the front of the school!  Bedrock Flint was working on mortar joints for tuck pointing and control joint cutting on the back side of the school at the same time.

2015-06-09 14.24.13

Let’s break down exactly what’s happening as the wall panel system is installed.

  • Water proofing (the gray area) is applied before the wall panel system and column covers are installed.
  • Metal flashing (black line at the base of the middle window) is installed at the base of every infill wall.
  • The wall panel system is applied.  As you can see if you enlarge the photo (click on the photo), the panel is attached in small rectangular segments.  This is to allow for expansion and contraction during our normal Northland temperature swings.

We are pleased with how the construction is proceeding.  Please continue to pray for a safe and successful construction season!


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